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UK police forces recorded more than 2.2 million speeding offences last year, around 6,000 a day, despite the significant reduction in traffic levels caused by the global pandemic.

The data, revealed through a Freedom of Information request by Confused.com, found recorded speeds peaked at 163mph last year, with the worst offences recorded on the M1 and M62 motorways.

Although the total number of speeding offences were down 10% compared to 2019, traffic levels are thought to have fallen by as much as 80% during the first lockdown which suggests some motorists were taking advantage of the quieter roads.

The number of speeding offences were highest in July when some 225,297 were recorded, while the Metropolitan Police recorded the most offences at 254,000 or 11% of the UK total.

Last year, AX found its own telematics data showed the number of speeding incidents had tripled during the first lockdown.

It revealed major speeding events occurred once every 32 miles last April, compared to every 94 miles in the preceding February.

Vince Powell, Managing Director of AX Innovation, said: “This latest data from police forces in combination with our own telematics data shows that although the overall number of speeding incidents has slightly decreased since the pandemic started, the frequency on a per mile basis has risen significantly.

“It seems many motorists are willing to – or unwittingly – break the speed limit when conditions allow and it’s important fleet managers are aware of this as they ultimately have responsibility for the safety of their drivers and vehicles.

“Telematics software provides the simplest and most convenient way of monitoring this.”

AX Innovation’s products combine intelligent software with in-car devices, along with a dedicated team of professionals to support individuals and businesses to improve the safety of vehicles and protect against vehicle crime.

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