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Accident Management

We support your business by providing a
seamless customer journey to meet your high expectations.

Accident Aftercare Services

Accident aftercare services not only provide a valuable income, but more importantly they allow you to extend and optimise the lifetime value of your customers.  Our Accident Aftercare solution provides you with a hassle free service, to manage an accident claim.

AX Retain

We are proud to manage a highly effective claims management team who can provide a compelling outsourced alternative.  

Our highly qualified and experienced team are experts at putting customers at ease during what can be a stressful time, whilst also quickly identifying the best fault or non-fault solution.

Combining professionalism, empathy and tailored automation, our team has a reputation for excellent customer service ratings and a strong conversion rate. Want to find out more? 


AX Replace

AX will provide you and your customers with a trusted and reliable outsourced hire and repair solution. With our own vehicle fleet and experienced colleagues we will help more of your customers than any of our vehicle replacement peers.

AX are not just a prestige vehicle replacement company, we can provide any like for like vehicle for your customer. We will provide you access to our industry leading claim tracking software, Beacon, so that you can monitor and control your customer's hire and repair journey.

We are renowned for our leading conversion levels and are able to provide both non-fault vehicle replacement and a Third Party Intervention hire solution.  Interested in this service?

AX Repair

Effectively managing both the repair and mobility provision allows AX to deliver the best journey for your customer.

With a repair network of over 300 approved bodyshops and an automated repair process, we are able to identify and deploy the customer’s vehicle into the right bodyshop at the right time.

Our team will monitor the repair process closely to ensure the repair is completed to a high quality in the optimum time.

AX Electric

AX Electric

We now boast the largest fully Electric fleet in the UK car rental market, with fast chargers at each of our depots to ensure a fully charged vehicle on delivery.

We offer a competitive solution for both daily rental and credit hire, whilst being able to keep our mobility promise to provide a like for like provision. Our repair network and engineering team have the capacity and expertise to repair EVs to manufacturer guidelines.

We are striving to become the first choice for electric vehicles in the market. Price parity between EV and ICE vehicles will occur in 2024 - AX will be ready with the necessary expertise to provide your customers the best EV experience.

Software, Devices and Insurance

Maximising the utilisation of your vehicles whilst also providing optimum protection for your business, without slowing your teams down, ultimately improves sales and service revenues.


AX Connect

Developed to meet our own fleet needs and those of our partners.

Our full range of connected vehicle devices includes:

  • Traditional telemetry and tracking devices 
  • Dash-cams 
  • Covert trackers

These devices provide valuable information and alerts on the vehicle location, driver behaviour, utilisation and even accident reporting, all in user friendly management software and apps.

AX Protect

Combining data gathered from our connected devices with intelligent software, monitoring, alerts and human expertise. AX Protect takes the headache away from your team of monitoring your vehicles and driver behaviour.

Our team also monitor and report on vehicle fleets, so when alerts are flagged such as speeding, erratic driving, potential accidents or even non-movement for a number of days, and will notify you so you can take appropriate action.

We also prepare reports and can track vehicles that go to potentially suspicious areas such as race tracks and ferry ports.


Innovation at its best

If you have to manage cars, whether they are demonstrators, courtesy cars or a fleet, our innovative software platform, connected devices and monitoring services offer solutions which can be tailored to meet your needs.

We are here to find solutions to your problems and to reduce operational, legal and accounting issues caused by managing vehicles.

Contact us now to find out more.

Why choose us

Our large fleet and partnerships enable us to deliver any vehicle


We are the leading ‘service’ provider in the UK vehicle replacement market


Lean processing and tailored technology for industry leading conversion


Partner and customer portals for real-time updates and detailed information


Digital development focus to meet evolving customer behaviour

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