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Bespoke EV-for-EV replacement vehicle guarantee and customer care expertise from AX are supporting Tusker, the leading salary sacrifice scheme provider, to accelerate growth in a highly competitive sector.

The two brands have coordinated a strategic evolution of their longstanding partnership to align with the rising demand for electric vehicles in the UK.

Supporting Tusker with its tailored non-fault hire services, AX has been providing outstanding service levels which fully align with Tusker’s focus on customer care.

The collaboration, stretching back more than a decade, has developed over the years as salary sacrifice has made driving an EV more affordable than other traditional acquisition routes such as PCP or PCH.

Alignment in EV expertise as demand for salary sacrifice soars

As Tusker has increased its presence in the UK and become a leading salary sacrifice provider, the company wanted to ensure EV drivers won’t have to compromise in the event of an accident.

Tusker is now benefitting significantly from AX’s pioneering EV-for-EV replacement vehicle guarantee, supporting its customers as it continues to expand its EV salary sacrifice offering.

AX first partnered with Tusker in 2013 when its fleet consisted of 7,000 cars, now, with over 40,000 vehicles on the road, they are a driving force in EV adoption and are helping to ensure driving an electric vehicle is as simple and cost effective as possible.

Tusker offers all fuel types, and so wanted to ensure that the like-for-like vehicle provision didn’t just extend to petrol or hybrid vehicles, but also covered EVs so that drivers didn’t have to switch fuel types if their car was unavailable.

To align with this growth, AX’s EV fleet has had to grow to accommodate its innovative EV-for-EV guarantee. This means that Tusker’s EV drivers will always be offered a suitable replacement vehicle in the event of a no-fault accident. Today, Tusker represents over 20% of the EV hires supplied by AX.

AX provides Tusker customers with pioneering EV for EV Guarantee

Having collaborated for more than a decade, AX and Tusker have evolved together as EV adoption has accelerated.

Back in 2021, Tusker needed a solution which could meet the demands and expectations specific to drivers who had invested in the EV journey. Already collaborating with AX, 2021 also saw the introduction of AX’s EV replacement vehicle guarantee.

This promise highlights AX’s commitment to deliver tailored solutions with longstanding partners, ensuring uninterrupted mobility for Tusker’s drivers in the event of any incident. In what can be a stressful time following an accident, Tusker required a consistent, worry-free solution that could meet customer expectations.

Recognising Tusker’s need for a partner capable of seamlessly integrating EV solutions into its customer journey, AX increased its fleet of electric vehicles as Tusker’s EV customer base has expanded. And with demand for EVs set to grow further in 2024, the collaboration is set to continue its evolution this year.

The AX EV for EV guarantee is a key point of differentiation and sits as a core module within the Group’s Motor Assist offering. It provides industry leading accident aftercare solutions, including first point of contact following an accident and onward mobility solutions for partners and their drivers.

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