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Our recent white-paper – a consumer survey of over 2,200 customers - shows that the key reasons for shifting from an ICE vehicle to an EV vehicle are, amongst others, Environmental factors, fuel savings and congestion/low emission zone savings.

Quite a lot of thought goes into transitioning from ICE to EV, often because the cost of an EV (when compared to a traditional ICE equivalent) is more expensive. It is the cost-saving following the acquisition where an EV usually comes into its own – a cost saving the consumer expects for the life they own an EV.

However, and with EV’s becoming more affordable and manufacturers launching more than 30 EV models throughout 2021, the EV market is about to grow exponentially.

With the transition from ICE to EV models comes the incentive of no longer having to pay for fuel. Those who live, or commute, into London or other charging zones save around £15, and then there’s the psychological green feelgood factor, too.

I have spoken to several dealers recently when discussing the benefits of our new AX Electric service, and I have noticed this costs issue being raised more frequently. Add in the customer service element of keeping customers in an EV, and the proposition increasingly feels like an essential rather than a ‘nice to have’ benefit.

When we questioned 2,200 motorists, only one third of drivers would accept an equivalent petrol or diesel model whilst their own vehicle was being repaired. Simply put, EV customers who need a replacement vehicle (be it for repair or warranty reasons) do not expect to have to;

  1. Put fuel in an ICE replacement, or
  2. Have to pay to enter a low emission or congestion charge zone.

Upon the transition from ICE to EV and amidst the shining lights and mirrors of the dealer’s handover bay, comes the incentive of no longer having to pay for fuel. Those who live, or commute, into London save £15 per day on entering the City and all of this is achieved with the psychological green feelgood factor.

Imagine the annoyance of needing a replacement vehicle and suddenly having to jump ‘back into time’, with all the added expense of an ICE courtesy or hire car – the very thing you thought you had avoided when you made the leap to EV (at quite probably an additional cost).

A customer charging their dealer for fuel for the replacement vehicle may seem a trivial issue, but our estimates places the cost of these charges at just shy of £3Million by the end of 2021.

AX Electric was launched in February 2021 and guarantees an EV Replacement >