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Fleet Management

Running a dealership is a tough job. From growing customer expectations at every stage in the sales process...

Innovation in fleet management

Running a dealership can be a difficult job. From delivering customer expectations at every stage in the sales process (including demand for extended and unaccompanied test drives), to the ever-present risk of vehicle theft and damage, there’s a lot to juggle when it comes to retaining customers and generating new business. 

Fleet management software can ease all of these burdens whilst increasing sales, improving the customer experience and protecting your Motor Trade Policy.

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Test drive tensions and extended test drives

Extended test drives are not just a valuable sales tool; they also help to create an impression of your dealership as a modern supportive business, therefore creating strong relationships between you and your customers, which in turn optimises revenue. 

49% of motorists say they would have an improved opinion about a dealer if they had extended or unaccompanied test drives, while 60% of customers who take an extended test drive go on to buy a vehicle from that dealer.

Why do extended test drives have such a strong impact on conversions?

It could be for many reasons, including:

  • It offers a pressure-free environment - people like to make their own lifestyle choices rather than being sold to, without being rushed
  • Often, having someone watch a customer drive can make them nervous, so unaccompanied test drives can enhance the experience rather than detract from it
  • Customers can involve family and friends in the decision-making process to help them build a fully informed view

However, extending test drives from the average 15 minutes to 24-48 hours poses many risks, such as:

  • Damage / wear and tear to the vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • Road traffic accidents involving the vehicle
  • Theft

These risks mean that, if you’re offering extended test drives, your insurance premiums can be very costly. But using fleet management solutions and vehicle tracking can reduce those costs, alongside providing better visibility of how your demonstrator vehicles are used during the test drive process.

What's stopping dealerships offering extended test drives?

The test drive is the single best sales tool in a car dealership’s
arsenal, but offering extended or unaccompanied rides is fraught
with risk. Will things ever change?

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Managing the security of your fleet

With customer demand at an all time high when it comes to offering extended test drives and courtesy cars, managing your fleet has never been more important. 

With an intelligent fleet management system, you’ll know the location of your vehicles at all times, thanks to on-board telematics. But this innovative technology is more than just a tracking device. 

Using GPS tracking combined with advanced analytics and onboard diagnostics, telematics systems have the ability to record every detail about the journey and condition of any vehicle, from driving speed to High G-force events. Intelligent fleet management is more than just a tracking solution; it’s also about making sense of that data.

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Motor fraudsters adopt new ‘hide an crash’ tactic

Should you invest in traditional tracking solutions?

As OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicle tracking solutions become more common, is there still value for dealerships to invest in traditional devices?

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Benefits of telematics for dealerships


Driver behaviour monitoring

Driver performance reports give you insight on behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and more.


Collision detection

Built-in accelerators detect accidents and determine the severity, as well as sending alerts to designated people in your company.

Improving customer service




In order to win and retain business, good customer service is key. Intelligent fleet management software can help you deliver gold-standard service to your customers and prospects by:

  • Enabling you to offer extended test drives with reduced risk to your fleet.
  • Improving the courtesy car experience - with fleet management software you can reduce your insurance costs, as risk of theft and damage will be minimised. This means you can provide motorists with a like for like courtesy car when they need one.
  • Improving the customer journey - AX Manage lets you offer a simple process for loaning vehicles in both sales and service: a fully integrated customer journey. 


How new tech helps dealerships improve customer service

Disruptive technologies may be seen as a threat to many car dealerships. Yet if you can embrace innovation, it unlocks ways to improve your service offering and increase your customer lifetime value.

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Why AX Manage?

AX Manage is an intelligent fleet management solution that protects, insures and manages your fleet on a day-to-day basis.

AX Manage helps you manage all of your vehicles whilst reducing risk and protecting your business. It has been specifically developed for franchised and independent dealers, service centres and bodyshops.

With our DVLA license checker, you can protect yourself in real-time. What’s more, you can use an easy-to-use, multi-platform diary to book and organise test drives as well as on-board telematics to give you full visibility of your fleet at any given time.


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AX Manage can help you manage and utilise your fleets, whilst protecting your vehicles from theft or misuse. But don’t just take our word for it; book a demo and discover how we can help.
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