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In our other blogs in this series, we’ve talked about how your dealership can start to respond to the latest SMMT guidelines surrounding unaccompanied test drives. 

We discussed how you can do this by first preparing your demonstrator fleet, and then by implementing a diary system to check for availability of vehicles your customers want to buy.

In this post, we’ll discuss further the best practices when booking test drives and how AX Manage can help to simplify this process whilst following the new guidelines.

Find out how unaccompanied test drives are shaping the future of vehicle sales

The importance of an online booking system

All dealerships know that the connection a customer can feel during a physical experience in a vehicle can be the difference between closing and losing a sale; this is why test drives are essential in converting sales.

In order to continue offering test drives while maintaining social distancing measures, dealerships need to take every possible step to minimise in-person contact between their sales team and their customer - not just during the test drive, but before and after as well.

This is why an online booking system - capable of handling data capture but also key tasks such as licence checks - is now essential.

Having a booking system in place on your website means your customers can book a test drive at a time that’s convenient for them, without having to visit the dealership in person.

Find out more in our free on-demand webinar: How to provide unaccompanied test  drives in a safe and efficient way.


How can AX help?

AX Manage offers a multi-platform solution that’s flexible enough to be used across a variety of devices. This includes an optional module that allows you to embed a booking system directly into your website. This enables you to take a booking, verify a customer’s driving license, make insurance arrangements and book in leads. All of this can be done remotely to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

In the video below, find out how AX Manage can help you to simplify the booking process for your dealership.

We all know test drives convert sales. The emotion and connection a customer gets with a physical experience in the vehicle can be the difference between closing that sale or not. AX Manage’s online booking modules help make booking a test drive as easy as a couple of clicks for the customer.

This optional module allows you to: embed a booking system directly into your website that can take a booking, verify the customer and their driving license, arrange insurance and book the lead in for you.



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