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On May 13th, the SMMT published new guidelines stating that, in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines post-lockdown, dealerships are no longer permitted to offer accompanied test drives.

This means that all dealerships that previously offered this service need to find a new way to conduct test drives in a safe, efficient way. One way to do this is by offering unaccompanied test drives. 

Unaccompanied test drives have always been a valuable sales tool for vehicle dealerships. However, many dealerships may be feeling concerned about the associated costs, risks and logistical challenges

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How AX Manage can help 

AX Manage is a loan car system that protects, insures and manages your fleet on a day-to-day basis. It allows you to add your entire fleet to the program so that your customers can test drive the exact cars they’re interested in buying. The entire process is managed digitally, from capturing the driver’s details to insurance processes, so both you and your customers have peace of mind that government guidance on social distancing is being followed at all times. 

Find out how unaccompanied test drives are shaping the future of vehicle sales


Adding vehicle stock to AX Manage

In the video below, find out how AX Manage can help you to prepare your demonstrator fleet for unaccompanied test drives and ensure each one is safe, efficient and fully covered to protect your business.

"Arranging test drives for your customers couldn’t be much easier than using AX Manage. 

"The system can handle as many vehicles as you want it to, you can upload your demonstrator fleet  or even your whole used car fleet so that you can utilise AX Manage and ensure every test drive is safe, efficient and fully covered for you."


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