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Why AX Manage?

  • We have been utilised by the automotive market for 20+ years.
  • Our product is backed and underwritten by the largest insurer in the UK, Aviva.
  • We have live links with the DVLA ensuring complete compliance and speedy, real time license checks. 
  • We help you improve utilisation, drive additional revenue and drive GDPR compliance
  • We provide legally binding and accurate customer agreements completely contactless.


Diary Management System

Gain control and visibility over your fleet and its usage

AX Manage’s diary system has been designed with dealers in mind, working across multiple platforms responsively so that the dealer can operate from Phones, Tablets or PC’s. The diary view makes it extremely easy for a dealer to organise their time, weeks or months ahead. 

The product has been designed to  eliminate daily headaches faced by  dealers, whilst removing risk and liability.   

  • Integrated market leading day rate insurance provision
  • Real-time DVLA driving licence checking facility
  • Additional revenue opportunity
  • Customer postcode and vehicle registration lookups
  • Allocate traffic violations and fines quickly
  • Monitor and improve loan car utilisation
  • High quality and accurate customer agreements, that allow electronic signatures

AX Manage can help manage insurance risk

Couple your offering with our insurance provided by AVIVA

Business's invariably make use of their Motor Trade Policy in order to provide mobility to their customers whether it be for courtesy usage or if they are driving for Test Drive purposes, this inheritantly carries a risk with it. 

What if your customer has an accident in your car and causes minor damage, hardly worth claiming as you are likely to have high excesses on these policies. 

AX Manage provides optional day rate insurance with a low £250 excess as an alternative to using your motor trade policy. This protects you from increased premiums so you do not need to be apprehensive to claim.

When you book in a customer their licence restrictions are checked against the vehicle to confirm that they are insured to drive that vehicle under our insurance policy. Giving you peace of mind that the customer and your vehicle are always covered.

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DVLA Checks

The necessary evil of the DVLA checks couldnt be easier

AX Manage can improve the customer experience at your front of house by allowing you to conduct fast and simplified DVLA checks.

  • It provides a fast and free online DVLA check with just the driver’s license number
  • There is no requirement for the customer to obtain a check code
  • It automatically cross checks the licence restrictions against the vehicle you are trying to book the customer into to confirm that the customer is insured to drive that vehicle under our insurance policy 
  • Licence details are securely saved to the system for speed of future checks

AX Manage can help you track damage

If you didn't damage it, you shouldn't be paying for it.

AX Manage helps your staff to easily record the condition of the vehicle when it is taken out and when it is returned. Photos are electronically uploaded and stored against the vehicle and the customer is required to sign to confirm the condition during a booking.

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle AX Manage allows you to prove damage liability protecting both the business and the customer.

Where our optional day rate insurance is utilised AX Manage ensures that your customer is protected because their liability is limited to our low excess.

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Risk free unaccompanied test drives

Offer a unique test drive experience without the insurance risk on your motor trade policy.

With AX Manage you could offer unaccompanied test drives from 1 hr to a whole weekend experience. Your customer can try the vehicle in a relaxed environment and make an informed choice after experiencing how it can fit their everyday lives.

  • Customers will have the freedom to explore the features of the vehicle in a relaxed environment.
  • From testing it out on routine journeys
  • To showing it to family and friends

If coupled with our telematics product, AX Connect, you can obtain unique insight into how the customer is driving, allowing you to help the customer to make an informed choice about the vehicle to suit their needs and driving style.

AX Manage can help protect you from charges

Its not just about protecting your vehicles

When a customer takes out a vehicle they sign an agreement that makes them responsible for any penalties, charges or abuse of the vehicle.

AX Manage proves exactly which customers had the vehicle at any given date and time, making the allocation of fines, pending prosecutions, and parking charges seamless and transparent.

If you also adopt our telematics solution, AX Connect, you will receive notifications when a vehicle enters a toll area or congestion zone. Your staff will be able to request if a payment has been made by the customer saving both your business and the customer penalties for late payment.

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Protecting your company's data security

Dont get caught out by data security laws as they emerge

We understand that your front of house is a busy place and that it can be easy for your team to inadvertently commit data breaches without realising it or understanding the potential consequences.

  • AX Manage allows you to store, keep and protect your customer data on our secure servers.
  • The system includes a link to the DVLA to validate the customers licence against the loan vehicle and insurance criteria at a click of a button.
  • Front of house staff are prompted to read out the data protection statement and obtain customer consent to access their DVLA records.
  • Copies of driver’s licences can be uploaded directly onto the system through photo capture.  
  • AX Manage produces comprehensive compliant customer agreements.
  • Copies of customer driver’s licences and contracts are stored electronically on the customer record negating the need to print, keep and securely store paper copies.

Compliance Manager – Benefit In Kind

AX Compliance Manager is an intelligent solution that gives full visibility of your vehicles and drivers, enabling accurate P11d submissions. P11d submissions are a headache to all concerned for both the business and dealership staff alike. Incorrect reporting on company vehicles and static demonstrators can result in costly charges to the business.

With constantly changing company vehicles, keeping accurate and up to date reporting is essential. Software designed by AX Innovation enables the staff to self-manage their mileage to release some of the burden on the accounts team, and can be made bespoke to meet the individual needs of your business. AX Compliance Manager integrates with vehicle telematics that can be used to help report accurate business and personnel mileage via smartphone apps. 

  • Individual BIK settings per user
  • Daily vehicle usage reports
  • Instant journey submissions via optional telematics or smart phone app
  • Automatic government vehicle band updates
  • Ability to analyse fuel data and report
    on “inappropriate use"
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AX Manage can be connected

Gain enhanced features to empower business even more

AX Manage can stand alone or can be connected. Utilising our in house telematics capability that has been developed over the last 10 years unlocks a new level of sophistication and opens up a whole new tool set for the dealer.

Whether it be using the telematics comfort blanket as peace of mind to be able to provide more risk free unattended test drives, or utilising the intelligence gathered during a test drive to use in a sales environment to close sales, the features and power AX Manage gains when connected are extremely powerful.

  • Vehicle location – intelligence and peace of mind
  • Driver behaviour and profiling – excellent for angles on closing a sale
  • Accident notification and reconstruction - complete visibility should the worst happen
  • Vehicle faults and diagnostics – keep on top of important maintenance issues to protect your assets
  • Mileage updates
  • Toll charges – know before a vehicle returns if a customer has triggered a toll charge
  • Disconnection notifications – instantly know if a vehicle has had its device tampered with or removed

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