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Police crime figures obtained by The RAC reveal a 30% increase in stolen vehicles in the last 3 years.

Alongside improved security measures, which include coded keys, immobilisers and alarms, how can this possibly happen? Especially when so many cars now have either 'factory fitted' or 'after market' tracking units?

An AX case study

One discerning driver with a proven business career ensured her Porsche 911 was protected by unique technology from AX (formerly APU), so when it was booked in to a local body shop for a bodywork repair, she knew it would be safe.

Unfortunately, the workshop was targeted by thieves and four cars belonging to customers, including the Porsche, were stolen with keys. The total loss to the workshop was in the region of £200k.

AX were informed and immediately conducted an initial investigation, which pinpointed the exact location the conventional tracking units were removed. AX also recovered personal identity documents, including bank statements and driving licences, helping to protect the owners from future targeting.

CCTV evidence was secured and provided to the police.

Within 48 hours, AX had located and recovered the stolen Porsche, even though it had been hidden on cloned number plates, and arranged for a forensic examination to take place.

As for the other three cars with conventional security measures, sadly they are still recorded as stolen. Of course they may be found, they may trigger Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras; however, as time passes, this seems increasingly unlikely!

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