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New vehicle registration day is fast approaching, presenting an unmissable sales opportunity for dealerships. However, it’s also a great aftersales opportunity too. 

Your customers’ journey with you shouldn’t end the moment they buy their car; it’s also important to offer your services after the sale too.

Many customers will need repair and service work in the initial period after buying their new car from you. In fact, almost a third (32%) of owners are involved in a road traffic accident within two months of buying a new car in the UK, costing an alarming £402 million in repairs.

In order to provide the best possible service for your customers, it’s important to ensure you offer a first class accident management service in the event of a crash. Offering a better customer service experience will put you in good stead against independent bodyshops, and means that customers will come back to you if they need a replacement vehicle.

Read on to find out why so many new vehicle owners are involved in accidents and how you can provide effective accident management.


What causes accidents for new vehicle owners?

There are a number of factors that could explain the high numbers of accidents in drivers who have just bought vehicles. Most likely, it’s a combination of drivers being unfamiliar with the vehicle’s technology and not having enough time to get to grips with a new car layout or more powerful performance, along with an increase in illegal mobile phone use at the wheel.

New vehicles have more technological features than older motors, which can cause distraction. What’s more, this new technology requires more complex controls, which can be unfamiliar to even the most seasoned drivers.

Another factor is that, while engine sizes might stay the same, new cars are often more powerful than older vehicles, which can be difficult to get used to.

Many vehicles are also getting bigger, which can lead to drivers causing accidents while they attempt to park in smaller spaces.


Effective accident management

With so many factors contributing to vehicle crashes, it’s important to have an effective accident management strategy in place to support your customers.

Accidents can be very traumatic for drivers and passengers, particularly for those driving a brand new vehicle that has cost them a lot of money.

It’s important to get drivers back on the road as quickly as possible. Ideally, this should involve providing them with a like for like vehicle, or one as close as possible to the driver’s own car.

Your customer’s vehicle must be repaired in accordance with strict manufacturer guidelines. Not only will the customer want their car back to the way it was before, but it’s also important that vehicles are returned to factory finish condition in the interest of safety.

Working with an accident management company allows you to provide an end-to-end service in handling claims for people involved in a road traffic accident. By referring customers who have been involved in a crash, you can help them get back on the road quickly and easily while their vehicle is in repair.

How AX can help 

Working alongside AX as an outsourced accident management team ensures that your customers get the very best support following their accident. This both protects your brand and improves your customer retention rate.

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