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When one of your customers has an accident, we help you support them every step of the way



When one of your customers has an accident, you should be there to support them - providing the same standard of customer care across parts, repair and new vehicle sales that led them to you in the first place. However, the claims process presents countless opportunities for your competitors to get there first.
By partnering with you to provide an end-to-end claims management solution, we can help stop this from happening - giving your customers a single, joined-up route from FNOL to replacement vehicle, to parts, repair and case management.

How we can help the Dealership and OEM sector:

End-to-End solution

An end-to-end claims management solution so you can focus on sales and service

Customer service/retention

A focus on customer service so customers stay loyal to your brand

Network retention

Ensure every claim stays within your network and contributes to parts and repair revenue

Mobility for all

Delivery of a suitable replacement vehicle, even for prestige and EV customers

Case management

Case management services and non-fault claim expertise ensures claims are handled correctly

Complete transparency

Transparent reporting on costs and commission through technology platforms

Building and maintaining your customers brand loyalty

Winning customers hearts and minds is hard enough, so retaining them has never been so important. With this in mind, we throw a protective ring around your customer – we understand brand loyalty is important which is why we have invested in tools and processes to ensure your customer never leaves your grasp and remains your customer for years to come. 

We ensure your customer stays your customer by:
  • Directing the repair to a manufacturer approved repairer
  • Providing a brand replacement vehicle
  • Managing the entire repair process
  • Keeping your customer updated regularly
  • Ensuring OEM parts are used
  • Completing the repair by OEM trained technicians

Never let them see another brand

Brand for Brand is everything in dealer world, we know this and have modelled our entire offering on this for 21 years. Our hire solution can provide brand for brand replacement mobility. This ensures a customer who requires mobility is not provided a test drive in your competitors' brand.

How do you increase parts and labour sales?

At AX, we protect the customer and safeguard the repair. We are uniquely positioned within the supply chain, providing repair deployment into brand appointed repair networks whilst liaising with insurers, many of whom we have protocol or bilateral agreements with, to facilitate the repair payment and avoid intervention.

What can we offer your repair center?
  • Equitable repairs
  • Fair labour rates
  • No network or sign-up fees

Did someone say e-Call?

Every new car now has some sort of connectivity to the OEM. This normally forms e-Call for the driver to utilise in case of an emergency.

Having an FNOL partner that understands e-Call, what it does and how best to deal with the product of the system is crucial. Our bespoke system allows seamless integration with connected car, offering aCall and eCall services. Our team of experts at AX Innovation can help interpret this data, allowing for a swift response and immediate deployment of required services.

What can we help your e-Call service with:
  • Swift response
  • Accurate location identification
  • Immediate engagement with relevant service
  • Timely deployment
  • Direct repairs to OEM approved repairers

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