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Part-exchange appraisals have drastically increased following
the re-opening of dealerships, with test drives also on the up according to Dealerweb.

When compared to the first week of May, part-exchange appraisals were up by almost 1,000% in the first week of June, rising from 979 to 10,022.

The figures provide an encouraging boost to the retail sector as the nation begins to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, with part-exchange appraisals now down only 27% on 2019 levels.

The dealership enquiry management specialist’s research also showed test drives rose from 56 to 4,498 across the same period despite unaccompanied test drives remaining mandatory according to government directives.

Vince Powell, Managing Director of AX Innovation, commented: “With COVID-19 having such a significant impact on the economy as a whole, there was always a worry that dealerships would continue to struggle even once they’d managed to safely re-open. For the industry to show rapid signs of recovery is a real relief and a testament to the strength of the sector.

“At AX we have seen retailers pro-actively looking for ways to get back on their feet, with interest in our AX Manage software increasing as dealers seek ways to bring their services to customers safely and efficiently . Minimising points of physical contact between dealer and customer at this time is the key to success as we begin the road to recovery.”