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Over nine in 10 motorists think vehicle headlights are too bright, with more than two-thirds feeling that some headlights are so bright that they could be an accident risk.

The research this week of 1,200 drivers conducted by the RAC also found that 54% of those surveyed think the problem is getting worse compared to just one year ago.

Even when on dipped beams, six in 10 motorists claim to be dazzled by oncoming traffic and nearly half said the same of their rear-view mirror. 


Vehicle lighting technology has evolved significantly over the last decade, and drivers may perceive newer xenon and HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights to be more dazzling than previous incandescent or halogen lights.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX, said: “The research comes as no surprise, but the statistics are perhaps more significant than expected so it should be taken seriously"

“It is very important for motorists to ensure their headlights are adjusted and aligned properly. Vehicles may be more robust today but maintenance is every bit as important as it was decades ago. Following an accident, many vehicles aren’t sent to professional, authorised bodyshops for repairs, and it is often the fine adjustments to critical components that can make a real difference to a vehicle’s roadworthiness.”

Nearly half of those surveyed had never adjusted up or down when carrying different loads in their vehicle. Heavy loads in the boot can influence the angle at which the headlights point. Drivers should bear this in mind, as well as generally respecting other road users including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.