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Over half of motorists are likely to visit a forecourt during their car-buying journey, according to research by CitNOW. 

The study revealed that 55% of motorists are likely to visit a dealership during their research, with over 55s (69%) most likely to step onto the forecourt. 

With some speculating that the rise of online buying could end up making the dealership less important, the results suggest that car retailers will continue playing a significant role in the car buying journey.

Well-prepared dealerships should be able to take advantage of the footfall, as more than one in 10 buyers who visit a dealership will go expecting to buy a car in the same visit.

The challenge for dealerships will be catering to demand, and ensuring they stand out from the competition. 

Dealerships still popular among car buyers

“There are things about visiting dealerships that can’t be replicated entirely online, including the test drive experience, and the survey highlights the importance for dealerships to ensure they are able to cater to their continued popularity,” said Vince Powell, Managing Director, AX Innovation, AX. 

“Ensuring that they have a well-organised and efficient fleet of test drive vehicles could make all the difference in helping to secure a sale. Those who can offer longer, unaccompanied test drives could benefit.”