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Highways England has revealed expected delays due to roadworks between now and December 2021, finding that 898 potential disruptions are planned up and down the UK.

The works are expected to affect over 900-million journeys in total, with 200-million set to be hindered in the North-West alone, making it the most severely impacted region.

The data suggests that the M25 will retain its title as the most congested road in the UK. Despite the 74 planned disruptions on the M1 overshadowing the 27 scheduled on the London Orbital, works on the M25 will be more extensive, delaying up to 86-million journeys over the next three years.


The data offers an insight into sacrifice needed to improve long-term traffic levels in the UK, with the introduction of smart motorways largely responsible for scheduled roadworks according to AA president Edmund King.

“With congestion levels expected to rise in the next three years, delays will be significant, as will bumps and scrapes that will inevitably happen more frequently. While delays are sometimes unavoidable, there’s no doubt efficient accident aftercare will play a role in keeping drivers on the road,” said Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX.

“The negative consequences of road traffic delays on individuals and businesses is enormous, but when accidents occur, that is when swift action can help reduce the impact.”