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Discover how AX delivers an exceptional customer journey for the salary sacrifice expert.

The UK’s leading salary sacrifice provider

Tusker has specialised in providing salary sacrifice schemes since 2008, enabling employers to make a brand-new car available to employees in a tax-efficient way.

Tusker works with over 800 organisations across the UK, ranging from large private sector companies such as EDF and ENGIE, through to public sector organisations, such as NHS Trusts, police forces and local councils, all of whom embrace the resulting benefits for both their employees and the environment.

In recent years, the company has become a pioneer in the provision of fully electric and low-emission vehicles. Not only does this optimise the cost effectiveness of salary sacrifice schemes, but it also mirrors Tusker’s own ambitions to improve the environmental impact of the fleet and leasing sector. Indeed, it is the only leasing company which is carbon neutral in both its operations and its entire fleet by offsetting the tailpipe carbon emissions of every car it puts on the road.

The requirement for a seamless accident aftercare solution

In support of its market-leading salary sacrifice offering, Tusker provides drivers with a full complement of fleet management services including daily rental, service and maintenance, accident management and non-fault replacement vehicle hire.

When considering the supply of non-fault hire services, Tusker was seeking a partner which could mirror its own high standards of customer care. In the event of a Tusker customer being involved in a collision, it needed a seamless solution that cared for the driver and provided a swift and reliable replacement mobility solution.

In addition, the company wanted to maximise the claim conversion ratio and ensure drivers are fully supported with a suitable replacement vehicle and not unduly inconvenienced as a result of being involved in an accident for which they were not at fault.

Tusker chose to partner with AX for its tailored credit hire services. For over five years, AX has given Tusker a class-leading service ensuring its customers are provided with a quality replacement vehicle equivalent to their own damaged vehicle.

This has been supported by a robust process that ensures incidents are managed quickly and effectively providing the ideal solution for non-fault claims and delivering a consistently high conversion rate.

Kit Wisdom, Operations Director at Tusker, commented, “We decided to partner with AX because AX’s proposition focuses on the driver journey and allows us to provide an incredibly consistent service to our customers.   It’s this customer-oriented approach that is in synergy with Tusker’s offering, and makes AX stand out from other competitors.”

Delivering a tailored EV solution

As Tusker continues to rapidly grow its fully electric vehicle order share (now 70% of orders in 2021 compared to 40% in 2020), it needs suppliers that can keep up with this dramatic pace of change. With the launch of AX Electric in February 2021, AX is able to offer a 100% EV-for-EV replacement vehicle guarantee, something it has delivered for Tusker with every non-fault accident in 2021 involving an EV driver. In fact, EV hires now represent 40% of all of Tusker’s non-fault hires.

As well as supporting Tusker’s rapid electric vehicle growth with the provision of replacement EVs, AX’s Beacon system has yielded further efficiencies through accurate and proactive visibility over the progress of deployment. By providing regular updates, AX’s system has streamlined Tusker’s internal audits and assisted it to rapidly respond where needed throughout the process, helping to minimise disruptions and overall vehicle downtime.

“When you consider that most of our customers have committed to a salary sacrifice scheme, it’s really important we are able to offer a consistently first-rate service in the event of their vehicle being involved in an incident which isn’t their fault. That includes the provision of a vehicle which is similar to their own in terms of quality, size or fuel type,” added Wisdom.

“From a contract management perspective, we have extremely constructive dialogue with the AX account management team to ensure we can get the most out of the partnership. Simply put, AX offers a market leading provision in replacement vehicles and an outstanding service for our drivers and customers.”

AX has expanded its services to include a complete end-to-end offering to cover almost any motoring related incident, from claims management to mobility services. To learn more about how AX Motor Assist can support you, click here.

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