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Fully outsourced claims and accident management services to help control costs and minimise downtime.



The efficiency and effective management of a fleet depends on the ability to minimise vehicle and driver downtime. However, an accident can throw this out of balance in an instant, bringing disruption and unanticipated expense to even the most organised business.
AX Motor Assist is an end-to-end claims and accident management solution that provides highly configurable and comprehensive first notification of loss, service deployment and claims management services to a diverse portfolio of corporate fleet and leasing customers.
By keeping drivers mobile, AX ensures every SLA is met so businesses can continue to operate without disruption and keep customers happy.

How we support the fleet sector:

A flexible outsourced solution

Outsource your full end-to-end accident management process or select modular elements that best support your business needs

Intelligent claims routing

System driven rules-based deployment ensures every claim takes the most effective and economical route throughout the process

Managed repair network and supply chain

Fully managed repair network and supply chain services guarantee 'best in class' service delivery

Mobility services

Class leading non-fault replacement vehicle service - timely delivery from our nationwide locations

Case management

Case management services and non-fault claim expertise provide peace-of-mind that claims are handled professionally and effectively

Complete transparency

Transparent real-time reporting on claim progression, costs control, and charges

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Maximising fleet efficiency

AX Motor Assist supports fleet operators every step of the way to enable businesses to respond to incidents efficiently. In addition, by rapidly delivering a suitable replacement vehicle we can reduce the stress, inconvenience, and financial challenges drivers face by being kept off the road.

Our primary focus is to minimise the impact of an incident and deliver a seamless customer journey. In doing so we ensure drivers receive the expert assistance they need and that claims are managed effectively, with all costs monitored and controlled.

Our technology enables:
  • 24/7/365 FNOL and roadside recovery
  • Fully managed repair network
  • Accredited engineering
  • Replacement vehicle provision
  • High standard of vehicle repair
  • Non-fault mobility including EV for EV guarantee
  • Total Loss and salvage solutions
  • Pro-active Third-Party intervention
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Comprehensive management information and reporting

A data-driven solution to pro-actively manage incidents and minimise costs

The cost of claims is a major pain point for fleet operators, with the impact of rising insurance premiums placing a significant strain on a business's finances. Budgetary pressures are further amplified due to the costs associated with adding more vehicles to a fleet, highlighting the need to further reduce risk and driver downtime. 

One of the most beneficial strategies to mitigate rising costs is to leverage advancing technology to better interpret and act on the data being generated.

Our leading edge claims management technology enables accurate and comprehensive data capture to reduce fleet costs whilst creating deep insight to support decision making, informing risk and buying strategies alongside environmental objectives.

Whilst data is key to influencing informed decision making, deciphering large volumes of information can be challenging. At AX, we have experienced specialists who can help with analysing and improving your use of data.

Our suite of incident management solutions, combined with continuous investment in new technologies, allows us to produce tailored supporting data to improve the efficiency of accident related and other fleet costs.

We help our partners manage risk and lower costs by:
  • Identifying risk
  • Driver behaviour - training needs
  • Real-time vehicle health
  • Informed decision making – vehicle acquisition
  • Vehicle security
  • Usage optimisation

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Unrivalled 360-degree driver support and mobility services

AX understands the importance to businesses of keeping drivers mobile. We will act promptly to ensure the right decisions are made and the appropriate replacement vehicle option is selected to enable business continuity.

In instances where the driver was not at fault, AX's in-house credit hire team will (subject to qualification criteria) arrange a category equivalent replacement vehicle to coincide with commencement of repairs.

In fault cases or those without an identifiable third-party, a replacement hire vehicle can be arranged (utilising a partner of your choice where applicable). Or alternatively, the AX approved repair centre will provide a courtesy car.

We help keep drivers mobile by providing one of these solutions for the duration of the repair:
  • Non-fault credit hire
  • Guaranteed replacement electric vehicle where applicable (non-fault)
  • Direct vehicle hire – partner of choice
  • Courtesy car 

Combining cutting edge technology with expertise and experience

AX Motor Assist's state-of-the-art incident management system enables claims to be handled efficiently and effectively to help control costs relating to vehicle incidents.

The automated claims management platform monitors driver incident rates, keeps track of vehicles throughout repair progression and makes informed decisions at the right stage of any claim.

It also proactively prompts driver communication and supports a comprehensive suite of management information reporting, helping fleet operators understand the connection between driver behaviour and other risk factors on vehicle downtime.

Our technology offers:
  • End-to-end claims management on a single platform
  • Automation of processes
  • Multi-level reporting dashboards
  • Transparency - on-line real time visibility of claim progression
  • Fully modular & configurable services

AX Motor Assist is tailored to support fleet operators by efficiently and effectively responding to accidents 24/7/365. We can take control of the whole end-to-end claims process to allow fleets to continue operating with minimal disruption.

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