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  • Essential vehicle servicing and repairs for key workers possible with paperless systems  
  • Social distancing rules can be obeyed using software to manage drop off, handover and collection 
  • Even when lockdown lifts the clamour for digital tools will continue to grow says AX  
  • ‘Electronic signature’ facility can validate insurance for courtesy car loans and help avoid close contact  
  • Software can help safely bring the dealership to drivers, with unaccompanied test drives when lockdown eases also possible  

Software is enabling car retailers to rapidly offer ‘digital dealership’ services while social distancing measure are in place according to AX. 

By adopting paperless systems and strict procedures to ensure the safety of staff and customers, dealers can become mobile by taking their services directly to motorists in need of vehicle maintenance or servicing.  

While dealerships in the UK are closed, car sales have all but stopped and servicing, maintenance and repairs have also been dramatically impacted.  

The transformation to ‘digital dealerships’ has accelerated and with the social distancing measures set to continue beyond the lockdown, the provider of intelligent vehicle management and protection technologies is receiving increased interest from dealers wanting to provide services to key workers and others in need. 

The spike in interest for paperless, digital vehicle management systems means more dealers are now able to seamlessly drop off, handover and collect courtesy cars without compromising the health of staff or customers.  

By combining a multi-platform diary system, day-rate insurance and real-time DVLA licence checks with an electronic signature facilitycustomers can access important services and lessen the impact of temporary dealership closures as the process avoids physical contact.  

“Until now, the sector very gradually started adopting digital tools to support SMR and sales, but the current situation has accelerated the transition dramatically. 

Vince Powell, Managing Director of AX Innovation


“By going digital now, OEMs and the dealerships themselves can quickly adapt and start getting back on their feet. Now’s the time to make some crucial operational changes that may have been lower down the pecking order of priorities a couple of months ago.” 

“Our protocols ensure that health is safeguarded. By using tablets, which can be easily cleaned, and software which provides an electronic signature facility, drivers can remain at home and avoid the potential dangers of visiting a dealership.”  

AX has received an influx of enquiries for its AX Manage software, which, as the nation begins to emerge from strict lockdown, will also be able to facilitate seamless unaccompanied test drives as dealers resume sales. The UK will likely be impacted by some protective measures, including social distancing, for many months to come.  

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