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More than a third of potential car buyers are now less likely to visit a showroom, according to Marketing Delivery.

Nationwide research conducted by the data-driven marketing agency found that 40% of UK drivers looking for a car feel less inclined to visit a dealership when researching their purchase.

The study also revealed that almost a third (32%) of UK drivers are more frequently browsing dealer and classified websites for new and used cars during lockdown.

Dealerships should try to respond quickly to enquiries, with over half (51%) saying they would visit another dealer with their enquiry if they do not receive a swift response, and just 10% saying they would retry the same dealership via the same method of contact.

 “While the first lockdown was a step into the unknown, dealerships are now in a better position to cater for evolving consumer habits. The financial impact of the pandemic has naturally resulted in a fall in demand, and new trends, like online buying, have accelerated, but for many little has changed.”

Vince Powell, Managing Director of AX Innovation

A study by WhatCar? Revealed that two-thirds of car buying decisions have been completely unaffected by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

“Dealerships that can cater for potential customers with an effective online car buying journey, using simple and intuitive paperless systems, are best placed to make the most of the demand for both new and used cars.” Powell added.

Following the first lockdown, AX saw a surge of interest in its AX Manage software, with dealerships seeking technology which helped them to simplify their processes and offer a seamless service to customers.