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Motorists can now benefit from a fully Thatcham accredited covert track and locate service after AX recently achieved approval.

The milestone is expected to deliver significantly reduced vehicle insurance premiums for fleet operators and private car owners who want to protect their vehicles.

By investing in the rigorous process of gaining accreditation and working closely with insurers, new and existing customers can access the cutting-edge service which will reduce both risk and cost.

The achievement by AX Innovation, a division of AX which provides a suite of services including intelligent software management and connected devices to maximise vehicle utilisation and protection, comes after its involvement in a string of international vehicle recoveries, including a significant operation which led to the repatriation of the largest ever haul of stolen UK cars from Africa.

Along with several specific technical and legislative requirements, Thatcham Research accreditation necessitates tracking companies to provide a fully staffed call centre capable of managing stolen vehicle reports 24/7, 365 days a year. This means customers and law enforcement agencies can rely on a professional and timely response.

Director of Investigative Services at AX, Neil Thomas, said: “AX tracking services are very well established with fleet operators and motor dealers but our investment in Thatcham accreditation now brings our covert service to the wider retail market, where we will be able to provide vehicle owners with a clear alternative approach to conventional tracking solutions.

“Like AX Innovation, Thatcham Research is always evolving, and I felt the time was right for us to prove how good our service is and have it independently verified by the industry experts.

“I am excited to announce we passed with flying colours and have received the Category S7 accreditation – the highest possible. Crucially, this allows us to build on our existing partnerships with leading insurance companies and enables drivers to benefit from lower premiums when they use our service.”

For more information on vehicle theft or motor fraud and other AX services, please visit: https://www.ax-uk.com/innovation