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AX will move into a new, easy to access home at the iconic Fort Dunlop building in Birmingham as it continues its next phase of growth in 2023.

A monument from Birmingham’s industrial past, AX’s new headquarters is located at the heart of the UK’s motorway network and is just half a mile from the equally renowned Spaghetti Junction.

The leading provider of accident aftercare services and intelligent fleet management technology will gradually migrate to its new headquarters from March, and it will be fully operational from April 2023. The new office adds to AX’s existing network of depots that spans the UK.

The move to the famous Fort Dunlop building reflects AX’s culture and values, cementing its aspirations as it strives to further enhance its outstanding customer service and embark on a new phase of growth.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Managing Director of AX Automotive, said: “Collectively we are very much looking forward to transitioning to our new home at Fort Dunlop. It’s an impressive building full of history, epitomising our approach whereby we learn from the past but also look forwards and innovate.

“Ahead of the decision, we chose a consultative approach with colleagues from across the business and the outcome is that we will evolve again from becoming a fully remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic to a hybrid operation now. This enables our colleagues to enjoy the benefits of flexible working while taking advantage of co-working, including aspects which boost productivity and collaboration, foster company culture and support wellbeing.”

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Managing Director of AX Automotive

Fort Dunlop is the name of the original tyre factory and head office of Dunlop Rubber. Established in 1917, the factory employed 10,000 workers before the plant shut in the 1980s. In early the 2000s work began on the redevelopment of Fort Dunlop and the building’s huge Grade A listed façade was retained.

The site sits between Junctions five and six of the M6, which links directly with the M5, M42, M1 and M69. Well served by trains and buses, Fort Dunlop also has a dedicated bus that runs peak hour shuttles to and from Carrs Lane in Birmingham city centre. The free service runs Monday-Friday.

“The move will also enable us to support our colleagues with enhanced training and development, communication and performance management. While the building itself provides a unique environment with many on-site amenities including a gym, retail spaces and cafes. Colleague wellbeing, career development and collaboration have all been central to the decisions that we have made around our new headquarters.”

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Managing Director of AX Automotive

Scott Hamilton-Cooper added: “We firmly believe this move will help us continue our ambitious growth plans and to retain our highly valued, experienced workforce while attracting new talent. It is a flexible and open space that has been carefully designed to provide functional, collaborative and informal spaces and to create a positive, welcoming environment that our colleagues will enjoy working from. We are also investing heavily in the very latest video and audio-conferencing solutions which we believe will dramatically improve our current hybrid practices for both colleagues and partners.”

The new headquarters can accommodate more than 150 people at any one time; all colleagues will be provided with state-of-the-art technology enabling them to seamlessly recreate their home setups. In addition, there are several social and meeting spaces to accommodate even greater numbers.

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