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New car registrations fell by 33% in April, as carmakers continue to prioritise higher-margin sales to private customers. 

Overall registrations dropped by 15.8% as ongoing supply issues to the UK continues to hamper the availability of new vehicles. 

However, battery electric car registrations saw a rise of 40.9% compared to April 2021, and accounted for more than 1 in 10 registrations. Overall, electrified vehicles accounted for 27.5% of all new vehicle registrations in April. This is partly attributed to the sharp increase in fuel prices.

In addition, April saw a record increase in electric vehicle (EV) charge points, with 1,213 new charging devices installed. This brings the total to 31,507 chargers in the UK, spanning 19,707 locations - that’s a 35% increase in charging devices over the past year. 

Recent research by AX found that 67.5% of fleet managers are concerned about EV charging infrastructure. However, as we begin to see big developments in charging availability, as well as continuous improvements in the range of new EVs, joining the electric vehicle revolution is becoming increasingly accessible and even more viable for fleet managers and their company vehicle drivers. 

Discover more insights about how UK fleets are transitioning towards EVs in our whitepaper.

About AX Electric

Between now and the Government’s 2030 ban on ICE vehicle sales, our promise is to support and contribute towards the government’s low emission objectives, by leading the Electric Revolution within the UK’s car rental market and shifting to a predominantly electric fleet.

AX understands the importance of providing EV drivers with an electric replacement car while their own cars are off the road for repair.

We provide fleet managers with:

  • 100% EV-for-EV replacement vehicles, including a Tesla-for-Tesla brand guarantee
  • A nationwide EV-for-EV delivery promise on cars
  • Guaranteed deployment to an EV authorised and approved repairer
  • Delivery and collection promise to client’s chosen location
  • Comprehensive vehicle handover, to include vehicle controls and charging guide
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