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Renewal sees provision of full accident aftercare solution for the retail group.

Listers Group Ltd has chosen to extend its long-standing partnership with AX to continue to grow parts and labour sales.

The relationship renewal sees AX provide Listers with full accident aftercare services, including acting as the first point of contact for all retail repair enquiries; management and deployment of repairs to the Group’s repair network; and onward mobility solutions for non-fault claimants.

AX and Listers Group Ltd have enjoyed collaborating for over 20 years. The accident aftercare services provided by AX have led to thousands of repair opportunities per year for the Listers repair network, as well as hundreds of credit hires per annum.

With the extension to the partnership, AX will continue to provide its industry leading accident aftercare solutions to Listers for the group to drive growth in both parts and bodyshop labour sales.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at AX, said, “AX and Listers have worked closely for the past 20 years or so. Whilst we are extremely proud of our long-standing relationships, we believe they are only achievable because of our continued high levels of service and constant development.

“We understand our partners have a supplier choice and we are delighted Listers has made the decision to extend the partnership, so that we can continue to work together to provide Listers’ customers with the very best in accident aftercare solutions.”

“I am delighted that Listers is continuing the long standing, productive relationship with AX. The service offered to our customers is second to none. I look forward to many more years of shared success.”

Christopher Thompson, Head of Aftersales & QHSE at Listers Group Ltd

Beyond accident aftercare, Listers Group Ltd also relies on AX to supply its AX Innovation services: AX Manage and AX Track. AX Manage offers an intuitive loan car management system with integrated day-rate insurance, whilst AX Track specialises in covert asset tracking and recovery solutions.