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AX boasts an extensive and diverse fleet of vehicles, strategically positioned across the UK to efficiently address an array of automotive needs across AX’s traditional services and our modular Motor Assist incident management offering.

With a fleet size exceeding 4,100 vehicles, we are firmly established as a leader in accident management, credit hire and daily rental which requires a large, flexible fleet of vehicles.

Diversity is a hallmark of AX's fleet, especially now that Motor Assist is expanding our portfolio of services and clients, offering a comprehensive range of vehicle types and powertrains. This includes everything from compact cars to light commercial vehicles with ICE or EV powertrains, ensuring that we can respond effectively to any accident or repair requirement.

This variety allows us to cater to the needs of both individual motorists and our commercial partners, delivering the right vehicle when it is needed.


AX vehicle depots strategically located across the UK and a highly skilled repair network

With a large fleet that serves our partners with vehicle needs across our credit hire, accident management and daily rental services, our vehicles are supported by a network of 11 strategically located depots throughout the UK.

These facilities serve as logistics hubs where we can also assess, repair, and maintain the vehicles. All of AX’s ‘bent metal’ repairs are now managed by Motor Assist, keeping repairs within the network which contributes to reduced downtime. Whether you're in the heart of one of the UK’s cities or off the beaten path, AX's depot locations ensure accessibility and convenience for its customers.

In tandem with its fleet vehicles and depot network, AX has a large and highly skilled repair network. This network includes a carefully selected group of partner garages and technicians, ensuring top-notch repair services and fast turnaround times, supporting our aim to offer unparalleled customer service while ensuring drivers receive their vehicle back quickly.


A fleet that is constantly evolving and getting greener by the day

To provide our award-winning services – either through AX or our end-to-end Motor Assist offering – it is now critical to have a fleet of vehicles which are environmentally friendly and fit for purpose.  

We have consistently demonstrated a commitment to sustainable mobility solutions that drive innovation in the accident aftercare sector. Firstly, AX pioneered the concept of an EV-for-EV guarantee following an accident, after all, who wants to step back into an ICE car when you’ve made the decision to go electric?

AX has made significant investments in electrifying its fleet, resulting in a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It has also invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in infrastructure to cater for this evolving fleet of vehicles, including charge points.

Its ICE car fleet has become increasingly efficient, too. The customer’s car that is off the road due to repairs produces around five percent more CO₂ than AX’s replacement vehicle.

AX's commitment to a modern fleet, widespread depot presence and extensive repair network underscores its dedication to providing comprehensive accident management solutions for drivers across the United Kingdom.


Whichever part of the incident management process you need, Motor Assist's agility tailors its service to you.

Learn more about Motor Assist's end-to-end and modular incident management solutions and how they can help you.

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