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Most brands claim that customer service is at the top of their agenda, but in my experience, few in their respective sectors are delivering on these assertions. It is important to always listen to customers and to invest the time required to make constructive changes if necessary.  

Here at AX, our efforts to put the customer first by entrenching this mentality within our company culture are paying off. While we’ve won awards for our customer service in recent years, we cannot ease off – instead we are trying to intensify our focus.   

A tangible demonstration of this approach is our rising Trust Pilot score. And having reached the milestone over 5,000 customer reviews, our rating now stands at 4.4. It is incredibly satisfying to read so many hugely positive reviews from drivers who have been desperately in need of a replacement vehicle to stay mobile.  

We all have busy lives and daily pressures, so it is vital that when a driver is involved in an accident, we minimise what is a stressful situation and create a positive outcome.   

It is great to be able to play our part in helping drivers following the misfortune of being in an accident. In 2022, we assisted over 30,000 motorists, and the vast majority of these felt they received excellent service from AX. 

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Managing Director of AX Automotive

We’ve been making lots of adjustments to hone our customer service. Some are smaller ‘marginal gains’, which all add up, while others can be transformational on their own. For example, our new Customer App has exceeded our expectations. With nearly 7,500 downloads and a customer satisfaction score of nine out of 10, it is streamlining our service and is making life easier for our customers.  

Perhaps its biggest success has come from the “unhappy customer alert” function. This enables users to indicate that they have an issue which needs to be resolved. While it is a shame that problems occur sometimes, we are delighted that 97.3% of those who used the function were no longer unhappy with the status of their claim.  

AX’s investment in customer service is making a difference. Whether it’s our enhanced training at all levels of the business, our imminent move into our new headquarters at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham, or our continued investment in technology, there is a strong sense that AX is well-prepared and galvanised to continue its next phase of growth.