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Incidents are an inevitable part of managing a fleet of vehicles. When a road traffic accident occurs, it disrupts daily life while also posing significant challenges for businesses with a fleet of vehicles. In this third instalment examining our own fleet of over 4,100 vehicles, we take a closer look at how we manage incidents when they occur.

At both AX and Motor Assist – our modular incident management service – we are committed to minimising the impact of accidents. With a comprehensive approach that prioritises swift and effective solutions, AX ensures that any incidents are not only managed effectively but that the entire process is streamlined.

We also have a long-established reputation for our anti-fraud measures and vehicle recovery expertise so that if a theft occurs, the vehicle can be returned to us or the owner as quickly as possible.


Ensuring the right service or repair first time

Our aim is to inject agility and visibility into the incident management space like never before. One way we do this is by employing our knowhow and technology to ensure that the right service or repair is provided the first time around. The triage process is more nuanced than many realise.

When an incident occurs, time is of the essence, and we recognise the importance of quick and accurate assessments. This goes for our own vehicles as well as well as those of our partners. AX has made a significant investment in its technology and utilises a cutting-edge platform to capitalise on the telemetry generated by vehicles when in use and when accidents occur.

On top of capturing all the necessary information on a call, the data harnessed from the vehicle can also help us to deploy the correct service, for example, by helping to determine the severity of the impact. This not only reduces downtime but also ensures that the vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible in optimal condition.


Access to an efficient and extensive repair network

AX boasts an extensive and efficient repair network that facilitates speedy repairs for its fleet of cars. This network is strategically designed to cover a wide geographical area – coverage now stands at 98% across the UK – ensuring that wherever an incident occurs, there is a nearby, qualified repair facility ready to handle the situation.

The collaboration with certified bodyshops ensures quality workmanship that meets the highest standards. And as the popularity of electric cars expands and our fleet of EVs grows, our network is also expanding its capability to repair these vehicles with 95% of bodyshops in the network now having EV/HEV capability.


Claim and repair monitoring during the process

Thanks to experience gained from managing our own fleet and two decades of working with exacting partners, we have implemented a robust monitoring portal to add an extra layer of transparency and accountability. This allows fleet managers and stakeholders to track the progress of claims and repairs in real-time.

Through regular updates and the communication channels on the portal, AX ensures that everyone involved is kept informed about the status of the repairs, anticipated completion times, and any potential delays. This not only enhances trust in the process but also allows for effective planning and resource management.

These details can make a real-world difference. In fact, according to a white paper we produced last year, nearly 90% of fleets said that using technology and processes such as the above to manage incidents minimises vehicle off road time.


Anti-fraud measures for fleet protection

We take the security of a fleet seriously, implementing anti-fraud measures to protect its vehicles. Frequently the target of criminals seeking to steal vehicles, our Thatcham approved AX Track service is a testament to the company's commitment to preventing fraudulent activities.

As well as human expertise, we offer covert tracing devices and vehicle recovery systems that act as a deterrent against theft or unauthorised use. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle being stolen, our tracing and recovery team delivers a 99% recovery success rate. This significantly minimises losses and any disruption to the fleet operations.

Our approach to our fleet has helped shape how we manage our partners’ vehicles. It’s a holistic process which addresses every aspect of the incident from immediate response to recovery and beyond. By ensuring the right service or repair the first time and monitoring repairs diligently, AX has streamlined the process and in doing so is setting the standard for excellence and reliability in incident management.

Whichever part of the incident management process you need, Motor Assist's agility tailors its service to you.

Learn more about Motor Assist's end-to-end and modular incident management solutions and how they can help you.

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