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Electric car charging infrastructure in the UK has reached a critical milestone as the number of charging points now exceeds fuel stations in the UK.

The total number of places electric vehicle (EV) drivers can top up their batteries has risen to 9,300 according to Zap-Map. This compares to 8,400 petrol stations.

Sales of EVs have grown sharply this year, with the government grant and free road tax providing significant incentives to purchase.

Meanwhile, ‘range anxiety’ is becoming less of an issue as the distance EVs can cover on a full charge increases, the number of charging points grows and the speed at which vehicles can be topped up improves.


The car retail sector is evolving and adapting, with the increase in sales suggesting that the message is getting through to consumers. However, despite the increase in sales, EVs still represent a small proportion overall, meaning dealers should continue to help educate prospective buyers.

“This is a significant milestone to pass, no doubt about it, but the danger is that those in the industry think the job is done. Infrastructure needs to continue to improve, with some areas having poor coverage and others that are spoilt for choice.” said Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX.

“EVs are still a really small proportion of total sales at around 1-2 per cent, and we will rely on a mix of powertrains for decades to come.

“From a car dealership’s point of view, educating the customer about the best choice for them is key. And then using tools such as telemetry to understand how drivers might use EVs or hybrids in the real world by offering unaccompanied, extended test drives that can help salespeople close a deal.”