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The Manchester Clean Air Zone will launch on the 30th May 2022, following planning approval by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

Within the zone, drivers of highly polluting heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches will be charged £60 per day, while non-compliant vans and taxis will be charged £10 and £7.50 per day respectively.

TfGM has also secured £120 million of government funding to help impacted businesses buy compliant vehicles, with van owners having access of up to £4,500 towards a new vehicle, and hackney cab owners getting up to £10,000 to upgrade.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX, commented: “It is encouraging to see authoritative bodies heading up the electric push well ahead of the 2030 reforms, implementing plans which include funding support for both residents and businesses.

“There is a part to play for everyone though - in the case of a non-fault accident EV owners should have access to an electric replacement, and it’s the responsibility of accident aftercare providers to provide that option.”

AX recently announced that EV customers could cost dealers £3 million in fuel bills if they don’t offer like-for-like electric replacement vehicles.

In February, AX launched its AX Electric service, becoming the first accident aftercare provider to guarantee a like-for-like EV replacement service.