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Jaguar Land Rover has announced its plans to become a electric only brand, with all models having an electric option by 2030.

While the British marque, Jaguar, will look to rival Tesla from 2025 by selling only electric luxury models, Land Rover is set to phase out diesel engines from 2026.

Land Rover is also planning to launch six new pure electric models in the next five years, with every car in its range having an electric option by 2030.

Alongside its electric car roll-out, JLR bosses also revealed its new ‘Reimagine’ strategy, which commits to retaining the current JLR production facilities in the UK, using them for the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, which the brand is also set to invest in more heavily.

JLR’s decision is the latest of a raft of announcements by manufacturers about the phasing out of petrol and diesel models in reaction to the Government bringing forward plans to ban the sale of these vehicles to 2030.

“Government plans to ban all ICE car sales from 2030 has impacted manufacturers’ medium and long term plans significantly; every corner of the industry is having to adapt.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations for AX

“With the launch of AX Electric, we are adapting too – we are among the first accident aftercare specialists to commit to a greener future with our dedicated EV offering ensuring delivery of a like-for-like electric replacement vehicle to our partners’ customers following an accident .”

The new AX Electric service was launched earlier this month, and is available to all EV drivers via our dealer, fleet, insurer, and broker partners, alongside a direct offering for personal customers.

AX research also recently revealed that just a third of UK motorists said they would not accept a diesel or petrol replacement for their EV.