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In our last blog, we discussed how to implement a process for assessing and reporting on any vehicle damage that occurs during an unaccompanied test drive.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to leverage sales insights and ensure your test drives continue to deliver great results, even when you don’t have the benefit of a salesperson in the passenger seat.

Find out how unaccompanied test drives are shaping the future of vehicle sales

Leveraging sales insights

An important factor to consider when facilitating unaccompanied test drives is how to provide the insight of a car salesperson during the test drive. This can be done using telematics.

Telematics can help a salesperson to sell a vehicle by providing insight into various aspects of the test drive. This could include where the vehicle is being driven, how many miles it’s being driven and the driving behaviour of the customer.

This means that your sales staff can see whether or not the vehicle being driven is the right fit for the driver, or whether they would be better suited to a different model.

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How AX can help

In the video below, find out how AX Manage can help you use telematics to gain valuable sales insights during the unaccompanied test drive process.

We are now in the world of unaccompanied test drives, where most customers would expect to be offered one, and dealers that do not offer them run the risk of falling behind competition.

So how do you stay connected to the customer when they wander off with your vehicle and get a feel for how they drove it and if they enjoyed it?

Clever telematics features could be the difference and your secret weapon for converting the customer when they return.

By looking at the driving characteristics when they return, we can provide you with helpful insights to make subtle recommendations for the customers’ purchase which may help you bridge the gap of not being in the vehicle with the customer.



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