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With nearly two thirds (63%) of drivers favouring unaccompanied test drives over test drives with a salesperson present, it’s important that dealerships embrace this consumer need and look for the best ways to facilitate this type of test drive. 

Providing a positive test drive experience is essential for boosting vehicle sales,  but how can you make sure your customer gets the insight of a car salesperson during their test drive?

The best way to do this is with telematics. Read on to find out how telematics devices play a crucial part in the test driving experience. 

Find out how unaccompanied test drives are shaping the future of vehicle sales

Using telematics to leverage sales insights 

One of the most important aspects of facilitating an unaccompanied test drive is working out how to provide the insight of a car salesperson without having one physically present in the car. This can be done using telematics. 

Telematics can help dealerships to sell a vehicle by offering insight into several aspects of the test drive. 

For example, they enable the salesperson to see where the vehicle is being driven, how many miles the customer typically drives, and the nature of their driving style. The ability to see this information allows your salesperson to determine whether or not the vehicle is a good fit for the customer or whether they would be better suited to an alternative car. 

Reducing risk of damage to your vehicles

As well as being beneficial to the customer, using telematics is also a good way for your business to reduce risk of damage whilst your demonstrator vehicles are out on an unaccompanied test drive. 

Understandably, many dealerships have concerns over the idea of customers damaging their vehicles whilst out on a test drive alone. 

However, connected software can help dealerships to manage unaccompanied test drives by providing location tracking and driver behaviour alerts. They also provide peace of mind because you will have access to information on the car’s whereabouts in the event of a liability dispute. 

In addition, being aware of telematics devices in the vehicle will discourage drivers from mistreating the cars they are test driving. In fact, we recently conducted a study of 2,000 UK motorists, and found that 70% of drivers would actually be happy to test drive a vehicle that was fitted with a telematics device, particularly if it meant they could do so without a salesperson. 


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