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In the past, salespeople have been able to join customers on test drives to help them decide whether the vehicle is right for them. They could offer insights into how the vehicle works and any key features that might help to sell the car.

However, with new SMMT guidelines around social distancing stating that all test drives must be carried out unaccompanied, salespeople are no longer able to be physically present in the car when a customer is testing it.

One downfall of this change is that it means customers might miss out on valuable information that can only be provided by a salesperson, which in turn could risk losing out on a sale if the salesperson is unable to help them overcome any objections.

Read on to find out how you can leverage sales insights to make sure that your test drives still deliver great results.


Can telematics be used to sell a car?

As a dealership, in-vehicle telematics are your secret weapon for selling cars in the absence of a salesperson on test drives.

They can help you sell a vehicle remotely by getting insight into the test drive. Through an online portal, dealers and salespeople can watch the vehicle being tested and see where it is being driven. They can also see how many miles the car is being driven and get an indication of the customer’s driving behaviour, such as harsh braking and acceleration.

Not only is this good from a safety and insurance perspective, but it enables salespeople to determine whether the vehicle is a good fit for the customer. For example, if the driver is using excessive acceleration, they may need a more powerful vehicle than the one they’re testing, so the salesperson can use that insight to suggest a more suitable model.

With telematics, salespeople can also see the areas customers are driving to whilst they carry out their daily life, for example going to shops or driving down country lanes to go on family walks. This information allows salespeople to ensure the car being driven by the customer is fit for purpose.


How telematics can help dealerships from a security point of view

Unaccompanied test drives also run a risk when it comes to security, and it’s natural for dealerships to want to protect their assets. Telematics can not only help to recover vehicles in the event of a theft, they can also assist in pinpointing who is at fault when it comes to accidents and damage.

Most telematics have the ability to send accident alert notifications. Depending on the type of telematics, they can offer real-time insights into road traffic accidents and provide fault and diagnostic information.

Are you ready to leverage sales insights using telematics?

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