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Halifax is home to the UK’s worst drivers according to a study which investigated the spread of motorists with penalty points across the UK has revealed.

The research by Vantage Leasing, which analysed Department for Transport (DfT) driving licence and postcode data, found that almost one in 10 (9.62%) motorists residing in the West Yorkshire town have points on their licence.

Drivers in West Yorkshire postcodes generally scored poorly – Bradford and Huddersfield closely followed Halifax, with the three being the only towns in the UK with a share of drivers with penalty points in excess of nine percent.

The data also shows a North-South divide. With just 3.72% of drivers in Canterbury incurring points on their licence. The Kentish town has the lowest share of drivers with penalty points in the country.

The highest number of points accumulated by a single driver as of March 2019 is 60, by a 41-year old male in East Sussex, while the worst offending female driver is a 25-year old from Nottinghamshire with 48 points on her licence.   

Neil Thomas, Director of Investigative Services at AX, commented: “We deal with some fairly extreme cases of motoring crime and fraud every day, but the number of low-level offences may open some eyes. The proportion of drivers with points in the UK is already staggering, and that’s before counting those that commit offences but get away with it.”

“We all make the odd error every now and then, and committing a couple of minor offences may be understandable, but the fact that one individual managed to receive 60 points is concerning for all road users.”