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The public haven’t flocked to motor shows in quite the numbers they once did, but excitement has built to a crescendo in Geneva with the doors opening to the public today.  

With an anticipated 660,000 show-goers and a great turnout of manufacturers, expectations are high once again. A raft of eye-catching models are being revealed - perhaps more than at any show in recent memory - and the most interesting of these are undoubtedly EVs.  


From electric hypercars like the wild 1,900bhp Pininfarina Battista to ‘micromobility’ solutions like the SEAT Minimo urban vehicle, this could be the show where, for the first time, every highlight is in fact an EV or hybrid model. Who would’ve thought that a few short years ago?

One exception aside of course, the Ferrari Tributo V8 (petrol). Based on the 488 GTB, the Tributo will be the most powerful V8 supercar ever, with a top speed of 211mph. 

Away from the exotic forms of propulsion on show, connected and safety technology - to some extent the same thing - also features highly. Aston Martins’ tech looks like it could impact the delivery of autonomous driving, while Volvo’s decision to limit all vehicles it builds to 112mph will form part of its drive to eliminate occupant and pedestrian deaths. 

However you view the doom and gloom currently swirling around the UK motor sector, there’s no doubting the innovation and jaw-dropping appeal of new EV models soon to arrive and the Geneva Motor Show is in rude health by all accounts.