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The latest manifesto published by the AA highlights the motoring issues that drivers view as most urgent, with road safety and better information about EVs being two of the biggest topics.

Nearly all AA members (96%) said that road management is the most significant issue when it comes to transport. In 2023, the AA reported that it was called out to over 600,000 pothole-related incidents, which caused an estimated half a billion pounds of damage to cars nationwide.

The manifesto also focuses on the transition to EVs, with 65% of drivers wanting better – and more affordable – infrastructure in the UK. This includes reducing VAT for on-street charging, use of public premises for overnight charging, and using existing street appliances such as streetlights as a means of expanding existing charging infrastructure.

Motorists also highlighted the need for better information on electric vehicles, with 81% wanting the AA to actively challenge current misinformation. The manifesto recommends that the Government offers training to local authorities to help them to offer guidance and support as the nation transitions to EVs. Another suggestion includes launching information campaigns across the UK to help drivers make informed decisions on when and how to make the switch to an electric car.

The report highlights several issues which drivers see as critical to improving the lives of motorists in the UK, from road safety to clarity when it comes to EVs ahead of the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2035.

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