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Using effective technology will be key to drive online customer engagement for dealers in 2020, according to iVendi.

The motor retail technology provider said that dealers can differentiate themselves starting from the first customer touchpoint with more usable and productive technology, such as easy-to-use online vehicle search tools and car finance calculators.

The statements from iVendi support research conducted by automotive video provider CitNOW, which found that one in four car buyers will visit dealers’ websites first when researching a new vehicle purchase, meaning it’s vital for retailers to ensure their online presence and customer journey is as effortless as possible.

New car sales have been continuously falling in recent months, and this looks unlikely to change in the new year. Retailers will be desperately looking for ways to stand out against the competition, with one option being investment in technology both online and on the forecourt. 

Vince Powell, Managing Director, AX Innovation commented: “The online presence of a dealership is becoming more critical to its success day-by-day, but the importance of the traditional forecourt should never be underestimated.

“Potential customers will use websites as a guide, and their mind is not fully made up when they visit the dealership. This is where technology like telematics devices can really help, providing invaluable information on the customer’s when fitted to test vehicles – advanced systems can enable dealer staff to review how vehicles were used, which is especially insightful on longer, extended test drives”