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Tesla has announced it is working on a new generation of electric vehicle batteries that will provide five times more energy and cost half as much as existing technology.

Boss of the EV pioneer, Elon Musk, announced at a Battery Day event that the new battery system will enable the release of an “affordable” £19,500 electric vehicle.

The new battery system, which uses larger cylindrical cells, will be produced in-house by Tesla, although high-volume production won’t be possible until 2022.

Technology using continuous cylindrical cells, as opposed to the ‘tabs’ powering current EVs, will allow Tesla to produce batteries that cost just £77 per kWh, down from the £115-£150/kWh batteries commissioned today.

“As the EV market grows and manufacturers accelerate efforts to meet the deadline to switch from internal combustion engines, the fact of the matter is that even the cheapest electric vehicles aren’t very affordable. Developing lower cost batteries should make EVs more accessible and help maintain demand across a wider spectrum of buyers.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX


“Telematics can play a significant role, too. Dealerships can capitalise on the increased footfall resulting from the rise in demand in EVs, especially once the prices are lowered.

“With such devices fitted to dealer test fleet vehicles, salespeople can garner a very real understanding of needs of customers, ultimately helping salespeople to convince buyers of the merits of alternatively fuelled vehicles,.”