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All Lane Running (ALR) Smart Motorway schemes are making UK motorists feel less safe, according to new research by the AA, which recently partnered with AX to deliver its accident aftercare programme.

The study, which compiled the thoughts of more than 15,000 drivers, found that just one in 10 UK motorists feel safer on smart motorways compared to traditional motorways, while a staggering 71% think smart motorways feel more dangerous.

The data echoes recent calls for a review of the introduction of smart motorways, with more than half (52%) believing the rollout of ALRs should be stopped.

A dissatisfaction with the distance between ERAs (Emergency Refuge Areas) was also found, with just 16% believing 1.5 miles is a suitable distance, down from 23% in February 2016.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Sales and Operations Director at AX, commented: “Trust in smart motorways is starting to waiver, and it could soon be time for a rethink.

The public rarely have all the information available, but when drivers are feeling less safe and lacking confidence on the roads, something needs to change.

“As we approach winter, where accidents are expected to spike, the real impact of smart motorways may become clear, along with a shared verdict on the need for them.”