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The number of speeding tickets issued to UK motorists reached record levels last year, figures released by the Home Office have revealed.

The data, based on the latest UK fixed penalty notice (FPN) statistics, showed that over 2.1 million UK drivers were caught breaking the speed limit in 2018, 87,000 more than in 2017.

Speeding offences have been rising since 2011, making up 85% of all motoring offences across 2018, vastly exceeding other infractions like using a mobile phone while driving.

Speed cameras captured 97% of all motorists issued with speeding tickets in 2018, handing out penalties in the form of fines, speed awareness courses and court action to offending motorists.

 “While it’s a shame that drivers are receiving more speeding tickets each year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that driving standards have dropped; enforcement levels could be higher than ever for example.
“Excessive speed does need to be curbed though, and technology can help. Whether it’s through infrastructure changes like smart motorways, or in-car technology like telematics devices, driver behaviour can be improved. As self-driving cars eventually hit the roads, the number of speeding offences may well drop in years to come too.”

Neil Thomas - Director of Investigative Services at AX