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As the mass adoption of EVs gathers pace toward the 2030 transition, it is important that fleet operators look beyond the initial vehicle supply and select fleet service partners who can fully support their EV fleet.    

With such a high demand for EVs, if an EV driver needs a replacement vehicle following an accident many fleet operators risk having to put them in an ICE vehicle, which can be frustrating and inconvenient for the driver. 

So, how can fleets overcome the challenges as more and more drivers transition to EV? Read on to find out. 

Why it's important for fleets to select a partner with replacement EV capacity 

An often-overlooked issue for fleets operating EVs is having the necessary supply chain to fully support EV drivers.

Where the supply chain does not include a fleet service provider with EV capability this could result in putting EV drivers into ICE replacement vehicles when their car is being repaired.

The larger your EV fleet, the greater the potential demand for equivalent replacement electric vehicle becomes. 

This is problematic because EV drivers will be reluctant to go back to a petrol or diesel vehicle. The reasons for this are: 

  • They are concerned about the extra cost of fuel required with an ICE, and may dispute who should pay for this, along with any congestion charges faced within the duration of the replacement

  • They have got used to the features of an EV and have established their daily routine around EV use (this would make it inconvenient to change from an overnight charging cycle to re-fuelling)

Therefore, it is important that fleet service providers are able to access replacement EVs in order to maintain an excellent service level and provide an appropriate replacement EV for drivers.

It's clear that EVs are the future, but how prepared are the UK's fleets? And how does your fleet match up? Download our whitepaper to discover more.

Work with a dedicated EV partner 

It is very difficult for fleet service providers to get the EV supply they need without working with an outsourced replacement vehicle provider who specialises in electric vehicles. That way, they will have access to the EVs they require when drivers are in need of a replacement. 

This provides a better user experience because it means the driver is still able to drive an EV whilst theirs is in repair, without having to deal with fuel and congestion charge expenses and other inconveniences associated with ICE vehicles. 

How AX can help 

As a result of the dramatic increase in EV sales last year, AX have made significant investments into our own fleet and charging infrastructure. Additionally, we have dedicated commercial and car hire supply partners that specialise in replacement electric vehicles.

At AX, we now have a vast EV fleet and are able to guarantee EV for EV replacement vehicles for drivers who need one while their own is in repair. 

To find out more about how we can support your fleet during the EV revolution, get in touch with our team today.



If you want some more information on AX's Electric vehicle offerings, check out our AX Electirc page. 

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