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Faulty brakes are the most common vehicle defect resulting in road accidents, a study by brake component provider Pagid has found.

The  analysis of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) latest road accident data revealed that malfunctioning brake parts directly contributed to a total of 521 reported road accidents in 2018.

Faulty brakes were followed by illegal, defective or under inflated tyres, which contributed to 459 accidents in 2018, and defective steering or suspension, which contributed to 200 accidents in 2018.

The data also shows a recurring regional split – over the last six years, the South-East and London have had the highest proportion of reported accidents caused by vehicle defects in 2018 (649), while the North-East has had the lowest (132).  

“It is imperative that any serviceable components, especially brake-related, are checked and replaced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s the responsibility of the owner and their workshop to ensure vehicles are safe but defects can appear by chance of course. 

“The analysis suggests that the calls from some quarters to increase the MOT period are unjustified; regular, annual maintenance still makes sense despite car reliability improving over the years.”

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Sales and Operations Director at AX