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Protect your fleet vehicles from theft, fraud and damage with AX Protect

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Want to know how AX can help you protect your fleet against damage, theft and fraud?

Book a demo with a member of our team today and we’ll show you why AX Protect is the ultimate fleet protection solution for fraud or asset protection managers and fleet operators. 

If you need the next level in fleet management, we’ll also show you what AX Manage and AX Connect, our connected in-vehicle solutions and devices, can do for your organisation.

Why choose us?


Covert technology and human expertise to bring you total peace of mind


Analytical technology and bespoke forensic techniques for extra fraud protection


Track record for vehicle recovery; we track, locate and recover your vehicles quickly 


Detailed reports can be compiled easily after any road traffic accident 


Snatch-back services for stolen vehicles or those not returned after a loan period


Why our partners work with us

Our services are designed in collaboration with our partners, so they can extend their brand and build customer loyalty. 

“Whether securing leads, alleviating pressure on our bodyshops or directly supporting our customers, AX not only excels but does so as an extension of the team. The trust is invaluable and is why our partnership will extend to 15 years with the new contract”.

Head of Group Operations, Leading Dealer Group