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Don’t be left in the dark about whiplash reforms

New whiplash rules could cost car insurance brokers up to 50% of their claims revenue.

Download our free whitepaper for an explanation of the new rules, and the steps you can take today to protect your business.

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From 31st May 2021, new rules limit the amount of compensation drivers can claim for whiplash

For brokers, this may have a dramatic effect on the service their customers receive from their outsourced legal services partners - and, in turn, the profit share revenue those partners have historically delivered.



About the whitepaper

The new whiplash rules that came into effect in May 2021 have been on the horizon for some time, but brokers have been left in the dark about how they will impact their customers and their bottom line.

To help them better understand the whiplash reforms and how they stand to impact their revenue, we’ve launched a new whitepaper: Whiplash reform: What does it mean for the broker market?

Written by Steve Molloy, commercial sales director at AX and an industry veteran with 20 years of experience across the motor insurance supply chain, the whitepaper explains the new compensation tariffs, why brokers should be concerned, and our recommendations to limit the revenue impact.

About AX

AX is a leading provider of motor claims services to the UK motor broker market. With our own vehicle fleet, our own repair network, and our own legal services division, we can provide a genuine one-stop-shop to any broker customer.

With a NPS score of 68 and a Trust Pilot rating of Excellent, AX can provide a combination of service, consultancy, and collaboration to provide a tailored solution for your specific requirements.

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What our partners say

What our partners say

"Whether securing leads, alleviating pressure on our bodyshops or directly supporting our customers – AX not only excels but does so as an extension of the team. That trust is invaluable and is why our partnership will extend to 15 years with the new contract."

Head of Group Operations - Leading Dealer Group