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What is Credit Hire and Credit Repair?

Credit hire and credit repair explanation.

Credit Hire is when a temporary replacement vehicle is provided by a Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident, and the CHO funds the car hire whilst your vehicle is being repaired.  The CHO will then claim the hire charges back from the at-fault party's insurer. 

Credit Hire Organisations can also offer Credit Repair, subject to their terms and conditions, where they will arrange and pay for your vehicle to be repaired and again claim back from the at-fault party's insurer.

AX is a Credit Hire Organisation that provides temporary replacement vehicles, equivalent or similar to you own, in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident and also Credit Repair arrangements in many circumstances, subject to our terms and conditions. 

We take care of the entire claims process, from recovery of your vehicle if it is not drivable, to provision of the temporary replacement vehicle, management of the repair process and liaising with all the relevant parties involved to keep them updated until you vehicle is returned, or in the event of a Total Loss, your vehicle valuation has been paid.