An accident management company can offer an end-to-end, outsourced claims handling service to motor insurers, brokers, dealerships and fleets whose customers or drivers have been involved in an accident. 

While some insurers and brokers may manage claims handling internally, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing to a reputable, specialist supplier for accident management

In general terms, it eases the pressure and frustration of managing a complex process - encompassing first notification of loss (FNOL) right through to vehicle replacement and repair, and so on - and leaves brokers with more time and resources to focus on what they do best: sell insurance.

Read on to find out more about why motor insurance brokers should partner with an accident management company. 

What are the benefits of partnering with an accident management company?

In addition to freeing up resources needed elsewhere in your business, partnering with an accident management company can take away the risk of friction within the customer journey. A specialist supplier that manages the end-to-end process will be able to provide a seamless, streamlined customer experience and avoid creating more frustration for customers at a stressful time.

The right accident management company should also be able to help you see and interpret data across the supply chain with strong reporting and analysis capabilities. 

The top benefits to look out for when choosing an accident management company are:

24/7 FNOL

Your accident management partner should ensure your customer’s emergency recovery and mobility needs are dealt with as soon as possible. They need to be there for your customers when the unexpected occurs.

Triage and service development

If your accident management partner has their own repair network, vehicle fleet and claims managers, they can respond quickly and make the right ‘first time’ decision on your behalf.

A digitally-focused approach

An end-to-end digital platform to manage the claims process, provides you real-time data sharing and supplier visibility

Customer retention

Your brand reputation is important, and demand from customers following an accident is usually high. This creates a balancing act and requires careful management to ensure satisfaction at each part of the process. 

Claims management

Coordinating everything from the repair process and cost management to fraud monitoring, liability assessment and proactive incident progression. 

The main advantage to all of these features is that it creates a smoother experience for your customers. Working with multiple sources to help your customers with finding a replacement vehicle, getting their car into a bodyshop and seeking compensation for injuries or damage can create a disjointed experience, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction. 

About AX Motor Assist

Here at AX, we provide motor insurance brokers with a technology driven, tailored accident management service that will enhance their claims process and help to drive customer loyalty. 

We have our own legal services firm, repair network and extensive vehicle fleet, along with an end-to-end FNOL solution and an excellent track record in customer service. This means you and your customers will be in safe hands throughout the claims process. 

To find out more, contact one of our experts today.

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