AX Motor
Assist  repair management


The AX repair network has been designed to accommodate the current and anticipated repair needs and varying cyclical capacity requirements of our mixed portfolio of corporate and retail customers.


AX repair network will offer you:

Fixed network 

Core Tier 1 network of over 200 fixed site repairers


All core sites BSi10125 accredited

HGV expertise

35 HGV sites within the AX repair network

Manufacturer approved

All core sites are manufacturer approved repairers

Fast repair routes

Over 40 fast track pods conveniently positioned “one day” repair sites providing the ultimate in flexible repair solutions

Pre-engineering service

Innovative pre-engineering service providing cost control at the point of FNOL

Our engineering expertise provides you with:

  • IAEA qualified engineers with ongoing CPD records
  • Desktop, Remote access, and Physical inspection capability
  • Capability across all powertrain types, including BEV, PHEV
  • Industry accredited estimating systems
  • Ability to provide comprehensive cost and performance data.
  • Full IIR Compliance

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