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Unfortunately, an accident can bring disruption and unanticipated expense to even the most organised business. Time off the road can lead to revenue loss due to reduced productivity, in addition to repair costs to cover vehicle damage.

It is estimated that downtime as a result of a road accident causes small-medium sized fleets to lose the equivalent of five working days every year, along with £6,000 worth of repairs.

This is especially worrying for small businesses, as increasing competition and tight margins mean that customers could switch to a rival company if their service is disrupted.

Although there’s no way to entirely prevent fleet downtime, there are some steps fleet managers can take to reduce the risk. We’ve created a guide packed with insights to help you keep your drivers on the road and your customers happy.

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About the guide

Our guide, 5 ways to minimise fleet downtime, outlines the most effective ways to guard your fleet against potential incidents. It covers:

  • Preventative maintenance advice
  • Risk awareness
  • The use of analytics and telematics data
  • How to create the perfect FNOL process
  • How to choose an accident management partner

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About AX Motor Assist

AX Motor Assist is designed to help fleet managers respond to accidents efficiently. We’ll take care of the whole claims process, so you can continue to operate your fleet and ensure your SLAs are met.

Our in-house FNOL team is available 24/7 to capture incident data and handle each stage of the claims process on your behalf. The team is always on hand to remove the burden of managing your supplier network by proactively dealing with roadside recovery, repair deployment and repair management. 

AX will also help you find a suitable replacement vehicle following a non-fault accident. We have nationwide locations to ensure rapid delivery of a suitable vehicle for your driver, and can even provide EV-for-EV replacements. 

Outsourcing your accident management needs to AX Motor Assist will save you time and help you to reduce costs, allowing you to manage your fleet without disruption.

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What our partners say

What our partners say

"Whether securing leads, alleviating pressure on our bodyshops or directly supporting our customers – AX not only excels but does so as an extension of the team. That trust is invaluable and is why our partnership will extend to 15 years with the new contract."

Head of Group Operations - Leading Dealer Group