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We have been working with the Broker, Fleet and Insurance sectors, providing motor claims and accident management for over 21 years.


For commercial insurance brokers, the claims process can be complex and difficult to manage. It also distracts from what matters most to the business: advising your clients and selling insurance solutions.
With our end-to-end accident and claims management solution, our own extensive car fleet, our own repair network, our own legal services firm and our track record in our two-customer service focus; choose AX when selecting a partner to manage your accident management provision ensuring your business and your customers will be in safe hands.

What we can offer a commercial broker:

Customer Retention

We understand the importance of your brand reputation and your customers demands. At ‘the moment of truth’ we keep your customers’ inconvenience to a minimum

Technology Solutions

A new digital end to end FNOL and claims management platform, including full supplier integrations, decision optimisation tools, full MI suites and telematics data sharing

24/7 FNOL & Recovery services

We are available whenever your customer needs us. We will ensure that your customer’s mobility and emergency recovery needs are dealt with as soon as possible

Triage and service deployment

Our ability to deploy to our own repair network, our own vehicle fleet and our own claims managers allows us to move quickly and make the ‘right first time’ decision

Claims Management

Our team will co-ordinate the entire repair process, fraud monitoring, liability assessment, proactive incident progression, cost management and direct insurer negotiation

Commercial Opportunities

We can balance the commercial offering to ensure both revenue generation and full cost management are aligned and balanced

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A tailored service offering 

A tailored service offering is essential to the continued success of your business – At AX, our tailored approach allows us to design the solution that you can either recommend, white label or work in partnership with, to provide your customer the most efficient and cost effective accident and claims management solution. 

We can tailor the majority of our service including:
  • Detailed pre-contract scoping exercise
  • Dedicated Account Expert
  • Dedicated Team
  • White labelled reporting channels including telephone, email, web and app options
  • Dual branded end-to-end communication option
  • Multi-level MI visibility for both partner and customers
  • Tailored NPS and Customer Satisfaction reporting

Controlling costs whilst still providing value 

The need to control claims costs and show real value to your customers has never been so important – With over 20 years of fleet, claims and accident management expertise, coupled with a newly launched technology platform, AX deliver real and significant savings for their commercial brokers and their customers.

We help you control costs by providing:
  • AI and automation to remove duplication of data
  • Customer and partner app to provide real time key stage updates
  • Parts and labour discounts through our preferred repairer network
  • Choice of fixed price, actual cost or guaranteed payment options
  • Competitive daily rental rates direct from our fleet
  • Strict triage and authorisation process
  • Anti-fraud investigations
  • Driver risk management through telematics units
  • Comprehensive QA
  • Lower admin costs

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Perception is everything

We know you need to look in control, even if you outsource services – AX provide comprehensive MI suites, performance commentary and platform access to ensure group, subgroup and company reports are produced in line with your bespoke requirements.

We help you keep control by:
  • Providing unrivalled access to comprehensive and accurate data to support decision making, informing risk and buying strategies alongside environmental objectives
  • Delivering a white labelled customer app to keep drivers up to date throughout the lifecycle of their claim
  • Providing access to our partner platform providing a digital window into each claim and allowing performance monitoring against KPI’s
  • Tailored comprehensive MI reporting and expert commentary
  • Dedicated Account Manager to monitor performance and translate data
  • Telematics solutions to allow guidance on driver behaviour

More than just a voice on a phone

Your FNOL partner has to provide more than just claims handling – At AX, we are not only thought leaders within the fleet, insurance, and automotive sectors, but we use our Innovation business unit to develop new low-cost telematics solutions giving you more data and intelligence to ultimately change behaviours and reduce risk.

We help you prepare for the future by:
  • Benefit of early industry insight from our sector experts – Subjects include – Future vehicle purchasing behaviours, FNOL, Repair Management, Electric Vehicle and Telematics
  • EV claim (rental and repair) and driver behaviour data enabling development of future products
  • Involvement and early access to the AX annual broker survey results
  • Fleet management platform solution
  • Covert tracking device and tracking
Available in modular form or as a full 360-degree service, AX Motor Assist is tailored to support commercial brokers by efficiently and effectively responding to accidents 24/7 365.
We can take control of the whole end-to-end claims process to allow commercial brokers and their customers to continue operating with minimal disruption.

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