Claim Notification


AX Assist provide an in-house 24 hours, 365-day First Notification of Loss (FNOL) service. Our FNOL agents are appointed based on their ability to extrapolate key information from drivers whilst being able to empathise with and show concern towards their situation.



First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

The contact centre is central to the operation of all our partnerships and represents a one point of contact service to all clients across multiple industries.

The focus at this stage is to gather accurate data, respond appropriately to the incident circumstance, implement cost control measures and transfer data to interested parties.

The benefits of this are:
  • One point of contact 24/7/365 (branded as required)
  • System and data integration enhancing accurate data collection and reduced FNOL times
  • Ability to set account structure to accommodate multi levels including, fleet/leasing management companies, insurers, fleet clients, client divisions and client cost centres / depot locations
  • Pre- agreed call scripting and data gathering
  • Claim validation
  • Liability assessment
  • Early fraud indicators
  • Agreed and measured SLAs and KPIs
  • Immediate data transfer – API
  • Mobility and replacement vehicle solution including online functionality

During FNOL AX will identify if a recovery is required to the driver's vehicle and deploy the most suitable method based on your account instruction.

AX’s experience in managing multiple services through a single contact centre can not only help to deliver excellence in client service but also meet your business goals. We feel this puts us ahead of our competitors and enhances the overall client journey.

Validation and Data Capture Process

During implementation, AX Assist will work with you to complete the necessary fact find which will be utilised to document your specific requirements at the point of go live.

Key benefits

  • Vehicle and policy validation/pull through
  • Implementation data gathering
  • Documented processes and procedures
  • No turn down policy

At AX Assist we believe implementation is key and this critical information and process gathering will drive the critical decision making at the point of FNOL.

The information we hold will allow our systems to make smart decisions in the event of you notifying a claim, from validating your cover or vehicles right through to the services we are able to deploy.

Critical Roadside Recovery

Where a vehicle is undriveable, AX will instruct the appropriate resource to collect and deliver the vehicle and recover to the repair or desired location, whilst ensuring the driver is at the heart of our decision making.

We use key information during the FNOL process to understand where specialist recovery is required:
  • Do your wheels roll?
  • Is the vehicle in an upright position?
  • Is the vehicle underwater?
  • Can the vehicle be locked without keys?
  • Are you in an underground car park?
  • Is the vehicle in an unsafe location?

Whether in or outside of core operating hours, AX will be on hand to attend and recover the vehicle and driver to the driver’s preferred location.

AX understand that these types of recoveries are the most critical, and at AX we will never turn drivers away. At AX we will also ensure that key emergency blue light services are deployed where appropriate.



Notifications and Provisions

With pre-agreed and automated system driven rules we will ensure that all stakeholders and interested parties are notified of the accident and claims details where required. These could include:
  • The underwriter
  • Legal assistance partners
  • Emergency recovery operator
  • The recommended repairer
  • All internal stakeholders

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