Vehicle tracking that just works.

We are exceptional at locating your car, but more importantly we are just as good at getting your car back to you. AX Track is the complete service that just works.

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Technology alone won’t do the job

With AX Track you also get the support of the AX Protect team, which in combination will successfully locate your stolen vehicle if the unthinkable happens.

With a 99.4% recovery rate AX Protect has an excellent track record in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our relationships with Police forces, the National Crime Agency and Interpol mean that no matter where the vehicle goes we will be following closely.


The clever technology

AX have developed a bespoke covert solution that is fully Thatcham approved which can be fitted to most vehicles, its design and aesthetics are closely guarded secrets. Only our team of technicians with 30 years combined experience will know where it is fitted.

Our intelligent technology is smart enough to contact the AX Protect team if a thief is trying to locate it and clever enough to know when not to make contact if this may compromise the security of the vehicle, waiting instead for the safest opportunity to alert the team.

The technology has received Thatcham Category S7 approval which can be quoted for insurance purposes. 

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Listen to what Hiscox have to say about AX Track

Car crime remains a major problem, particularly the theft of high value vehicles and classic cars. Find out why leading insurer Hiscox recommends AX Track's stolen vehicle tracking and recovery service to its customers

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The track record

The AX Track service has an enviable track record having being responsible for some of the biggest vehicle recoveries in UK history, from London to France and all the way to Kampala in Uganda.

Our current recovery rate of stolen vehicles with AX Track stands at 99.4%.

Case Study: Operation Navigate

The track and chase

AX Track technology was used to remotely track a stolen vehicle, hidden inside a steel shipping container, from the UK to Mombasa Port in Kenya. Law enforcement agencies used the technology to track it to its final destination in Kampala, Uganda where an International criminal gang were intercepted and arrested.

AX Protect worked alongside Interpol and the National Crime Agency every step of the way in hot pursuit, providing Law Enforcement agencies with vital remote tracking information and expertise which enabled them to conduct a very effective surveillance operation. This repatriation is still the most successful run by UK and International law enforcement agencies to bring stolen cars back from Africa and the team were formally thanked by the UK Home Secretary.

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The results

The operation was so successful that a total of almost £1m stolen UK cars were identified from the intelligence gathered and were subsequently repatriated to the UK.

Following an official handover of the cars to the British High Commissioner in Kampala, law enforcement professionals, impressed with the technology and concerned the haul of prestige vehicles may be hijacked, asked AX Protect to fly to Uganda and install AX Track to all the vehicles to safely bring them home.

This repatriation is still the most successful operation run by UK and International law enforcement agencies and the team were thanked by the UK Home Secretary

The Price

12 Months Cover

From £349

  • AX track device
  • Professional fitting
  • 12 months monitoring
  • 24/7 theft hotline

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compared to £398 for Tracker UK product

24 Months Cover

From £449

  • AX track device
  • Professional fitting
  • 24 months monitoring
  • 24/7 theft hotline

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compared to £498 for Tracker UK product

36 Months Cover

From £529

  • AX track device
  • Professional fitting
  • 36 months monitoring
  • 24/7 theft hotline

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compared to £647 for Tracker UK product


£5m worth of stolen vehicles recovered in the last 5 years


99.4% vehicle recovery rate using AX Track


Over £220m of vehicles currently protected by AX Track

Secured by Design

AX Track has ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status under the Secured By Design accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police for products or services that have met recognised security standards.
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Our Relationships

AX Track are proud to partner with fleet operators, car dealerships, specialist vehicle suppliers and car enthusiasts to provide a discreet and covert stolen vehicle tracking and recovery service. Unlike some of our competitors we do not advertise who they are as we feel this may compromise the security of their vehicles.

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AX Track is recommended by Aviva and is included as an Aviva Speciality Product

Thatcham Security Certification CAT S7 provides reassurance around the functionality, design and performance of aftermarket security devices from UK Insurance backed Thatcham Research, who have been at the forefront of vehicle security since the 1990’s

AX Track is highly recommended by Hiscox to their motor insurance customers who own high value, luxury and classic cars.

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AX Innovation has been involved in protecting and tracking vehicles for 10 years

AX Track is part of the AX Group of companies, running for over 20 years and with a turnover in excess of £100 million.

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions supported by a team experienced in the recovery of stolen vehicles across the UK, Europe and even in Africa and who deliver one of the highest vehicle recovery rates in our industry.

AX Track - our covert vehicle tracking technology

  • Protect your vehicle with our covert vehicle tracking device
  • Extendable protection from just 1-year commitment
  • Professional fitting service by fully trained and vetted technicians (in house fitting only for added security)

AX Protect - our vehicle location and recovery service

  • Dedicated team of vehicle protection experts
  • Over 60 years criminal investigations experience with a ‘can do’ approach
  • Continuous monitoring of security of your vehicle
  • Prompt and efficient vehicle recovery service, if required


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Opposite are some of the most common questions we have had about AX Track. 

Can I find out where my vehicle is at any time with AX Track?

AX Track is designed to be used when a vehicle is stolen, it is not a continuous tracking or telematics device (keep your eyes open for a future version of AX Track for this function!)

Will AX Track drain my car’s battery?

No AX Track will not drain your vehicles battery in any way

Will AX Track affect my cars warranty?

The service and technology is already supported by many leading UK car dealerships and it will not affect your warranty

Is AX Track Thatcham approved?

AX Track has proved its service and technology under laboratory conditions with Thatcham Research and is accredited under the Category of S7 which is widely regarded as the best one to have. You will receive the Thatcham certificate once installed

Will AX Track affect my insurance premium?

UK insurers established the independent Thatcham Research organisation to independently test tracking devices and reward motorists who invest in Thatcham approved devices by offering reduced motor insurance premiums

Is AX Track connected to or affiliated with regional Police forces?

AX Track is an independent solution but we will liaise with your local police force to help them find your vehicle if stolen

What do I do if I think my vehicle has been stolen?

Ring us on the 24/7 number (03333 211 557) and we will work with you to locate your vehicle

What if I sell my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle you can either terminate the device and stop its function, or leave it in the vehicle and transfer ownership (you may even get a little more for your car!)

If it’s that good why haven’t I heard about it before?

The technology and service have a well established track record and is already widely considered the covert tracker of choice by professional fleet owners and operators. AX Innovation consider the time is now right to share one of the tracking worlds best kept secrets with individual vehicle owners

How does AX Track differ to a conventional tracker?

Our device uses its own unique communication methods and is designed to keep itself hidden from detection

How is AX Track fitted to my vehicle?

Fitting is carried out by our in-house specialists, and the location is kept secret to protect your car and the device to the highest level